On the market, there are a lot of Chinese order agents and ship to the Philippines with different fees. However, not everyone knows how to choose the most suitable and reputable order agent for their needs. Join us to find out through the article below.

Current situation of Chinese goods order service

In fact, many companies introduce them as a unit specializing in Chinese order, but they are merely those who gather order, gather many singly orders into a large order and then order through another intermediary. Therefore, service costs are often quite high and after-sales services are not as focused as professional ordering agents. So how to evaluate a reputable order agent or not?

The criteria for selecting a reputable Chinese ordering agent

  1. Long time experience

If you are a beginner to order, it is best to choose agents that have been operating in the Chinese ordering field for a long time. Because they have brand name, reputation in the market and are highly appreciated by many customers.

In addition, because they have been operating for a long time in this field, they will have a lot of experience and knowledge of the market, which will help you find quality goods, at reasonable prices to bring great benefits for you.

       2. Company size

When working with an order agent, you may only work with sales staff, but for well-invested companies, besides sales department, other departments also support you such as customer service, accounting staffs… These are well-invested companies with clear procedures.

      3. Transparent order management system

For King Cargo, data will be immediately updated on the system for your order, helping customers easily manage orders anytime, anywhere. The transportation schedule is always updated immediately, and the expenses are transparent.

4. Warehouse in Guangzhou

5. Costs

Professional and reputable agents often provide goods order services with the most competitive fees, in accordance with the business needs of companies and individuals.

6. Fast shipping time

Normally, goods will arrive in Manila about 15-20 days by sea, 7-10 days by air.

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