Step 1: Register account

– Step 2: Install King Cargo order tools

– Step 3: Select goods on Taobao, t-mall, 1688 and put them in the cart

– Step 4: Deposit order

– Step 5: Track orders

– Step 6: Receive goods & Complain (if any)

Step 1 – Register account

Registration link: https://id.kingcargoph.com/register

Login link: https://id.kingcargoph.com/login

Please see the instructions for registration and account management here [Add link]

Step 2 – Install Kingcargo order tool

Order Tool is a small utility that can be installed in your Web Browser. This tool helps you to directly put products into the cart easily and quickly without being confused about product attributes such as color, type size. Link to download the tool here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/order-creation-utility-ki/pijhededofbccapgdafoigbmmmphmebj?hl=en

=> See details How to install the order tool HERE. [Add Link]

Step 3 – Select goods on Taobao, t-mall, 1688 and put into cart


– When choosing a product, you must choose enough product attributes: Size, Color. Product prices may change by attributes. King Cargo’s order tool will support display the product price in Peso on the screen

– After selecting, you choose Goods Category(help King Cargo classify and better transport) Then ADD TO THE CART.

See more instructions for ordering HERE [Add link]

Step 4 – Deposit order

After placing the goods in the shopping cart, please make a deposit of 100% products’ value The remaining amount, you will pay after receiving the goods.

Transfer via Philippines banks: Philippines Account:

  • Bank name: Union bank
  • Account name: Kingcargo online shop
  • Account number: 002470008822

Syntax of customer deposit: DEP  Customer Code  Username

Step 5 – Track your order

After order placed, about 15-20 days arrive to Manila by sea and 7-10 days by air.

(Note: Time depends on how fast or slow the Chinese suppliers deliver goods)

After the goods arrive at the Manila warehouse, the customer will pay the remaining amount.

  • Option 1: Customers can go to King Cargo warehouse to pick up the goods
  • Option 2: Shipping in Manila via courier

Step 6 – Receive goods & complain (if any)

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