Helping customers manage orders on King Cargo system (orders must be deposited successfully to show up in this list). Customers can:

– Manage by status tabs: All, Deposited, Ordering…Search for orders by criteria: Status, Website, Order Code, Update from time to time

– View details, create complaints, cancel.

– Update detailed order information

– Order more in the order with the status Ordering.

1. Order Cancellation

Click the Cancel button at the Action section of an order [Add Image]

(Cancel is only allowed for orders with status of deposited, Ordering, and Order placed). Customers see details of the Cancel Policy here.

2.  Create a complaint:

[Add Image] 

3. Update order details

– Step 1: Click the button to view order details of an order on the list of orders

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– Step 2: The system will display order details in the form of tabs: Information, Status, Transaction, Package, Claim. Customers choose the tabs they want to see

-> The system will display information corresponding to the order with selected tabs.

– Step 3: At the information tab, customers can perform the following actions:

Update extra services

For each extra service that the customer chooses, the customer’s order will be charged additional fee corresponding to each type of service. Depending on the type of service, some services will be charged as always, such as tallying service, fast ordering service, some services will be charged after they are done such as balancing service…

Update delivery address:

Customers update the information Full Name, Phone Number, Address, choose Province / City, choose District / District.

Chat with King Cargo:

Customers send to King Cargo’s order management department for King Cargo to receive and respond to Customers as soon as possible.

Customers will also receive specific notifications sent from King Cargo’s order management department to know necessary information.

4. Order more

Purpose: Used in the case that the Customer wants to buy more products on the order in case the Order has the status of Deposit, Ordering.

– Steps to be follows:

+ Step 1: Customers click on the Order more button -> The entire quantity textbox of the product link in the menu will open for customers to change, NOTES to only increase the quantity (not to reduce the quantity)

+ Step 2: Customers change the quantity they want to increase with each product

+ Step 3: Press the Confirm button.

5. Product ordering confirmation

– Purpose: In case King Cargo buys orders for customers, but the quantity or the ordered unit price of one or more products is changed (because the Shop / workshop has not enough quantity to buy, the unit price is changed at when King Cargo buys,…). Executed only when the order has a pending confirmation status, and the product has a pending confirmation status

– Steps to be follows:

+ Step 1: Click Order details Wait for confirmation.

+ Step 2: Press the Confirm button at the product to continue buying.

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