Step 1: Open, or, then choose 1 product.

-> The system will display the screen as below. In which, the areas marked are the information that King Cargo inserts to help the Customer understand the basic information of the product, including: Exchange Rate, Selling price / 1 product depending on the quantity purchased, Color, Size

Step 2: Choose each color and on the sizes corresponding to that color, enter the quantity to buy.


– For products with only 1 color or without color but only sizes -> Customers just need to enter quantity on the size they want to buy

– Each time you select via extension only on 1 color of the product

– The quantity purchased per size must be less than or equal to the quantity in stock

– The total purchase quantity must be greater than or equal to the minimum purchase quantity required by the shop / workshop.

Step 3: Select the Category corresponding to the product by choosing from the list of categories.

Step 4: Press the Add to cart button -> The product is successfully added to Cart

Note: When clicking Add to Cart, Extension will display warnings with the following cases:

  1. If customer is using Google translate for product detail page -> Customer click Add to Cart -> Display message “” Could not add product. Please turn off Google translate and re-operate “”. -> Customers will have to turn off google translate and re-order.
  2. If the total quantity of products ordered by the Customer is less than the minimum quantity, or is greater than the quantity in stock. Customer can make notes directly for this product (if necessary) -> Warning “” Shop minimum requirements…. product. Please select “” in which “” … “” is the minimum number of shops / workshops required to buy on this product link. -> customers will have to re-order the correct quantity.

– Extension will warn If a product is purchased by full size or full color, the number of products will be multiple (for example, with 4 colors, the quantity must be multiple of 4) – >> Warning “” Shop requires to buy The number is a multiple of…. Please choose again “” For example: “” … “” is the number of products Shop / workshop required to buy.

-> Complete the order for the product of only 1 selected color

Step 5: After adding products to cart successfully, all information about shop / workshop as well as product information will be retrieved and displayed in the customer’s cart.

In case of selecting products through the extension for products of the shop / workshop that already exist in any one order of the shopping cart

– When the customer continues to order through the extension for the products of the shop / workshop that already exist in any one order of the shopping cart, the system will automatically save the product information in the existing order. There are 2 scenarios:

+ Case 1: Customer orders the product link (same color, same size) but that link already exists in the cart’s order, another link will not be separated, but the number of customers selected will be added to the link. The information relating to the purchase order in the shopping cart such as: the total number of products, the total amount will be recalculated according to the product link, with the order, with the shopping cart.

+ Case 2: Customer continues to order product link (Customer’s color, different size) but that link already exists in the cart’s order, then another link will be added in that order. Shopping cart orders such as: total number of products, total number of links, total amount will be recalculated corresponding to product link, with order, with cart.

When shopping customers can choose many products of 1 or more Shop / Workshop on Taobao, 1688…. After being taken to the cart, the system will automatically split into small orders for easy control.

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